Our mission:
Motivate. Create.
Visuin academy of Architecture Presentation in the 21st Century .

Take a course in progressive methods of young architects learning using smart solutions and innovative programs of architectural presentation.
Our courses presentation are based on 3 principles
No frustrating. You must enjoy creating it.
No just nice images.
It must pass the idea and your identity.
No sleeples nights.
It must be managed effectively on time.
Improve your
archi presentation with our online courses or mentorings.
This program will change your mindset to presentation and architecture forever.
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Who is really
ambitious about their presentations, there is
"1 on 1 individual
"Only what you do beyond school duties is counting."
– Ing. arch. Dalibor Dzurilla
Our project activator will inspire you through the world of visualization. Futurist, who's looking for new methods of presentation of an architect through modern technologies, but also traditional best practices. He is currently working on his dissertation about visualization and communication at the Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague.
Do you want to know more about Dalibor? Here you can visit his site.

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One on one consultation
If you are interested, just type contact info and the topic you want to consult and Dalibor will contact you. The classic cost rate for 1 hour of consultation is 40 Euro. The consultation is also possible through Skype.
We'll send you notes for the next steps!
One looong but true story from all:

"Hi Dalibor, how are you?
I just wanted to thank you again for everything you taught me! This semester I enrol to the studio with a huge assignment with lots of work.
My team broke up after several misunderstandings. Everything was left on me...

The leadership of the studio was even worse, terribly little focus on architecture, they just wanted a lot of drawings every hour but without explaining why?! They just added work and more work which stressed us. Naturally, I've got a big-time delay...

Even though they were chasing on me. So I dumped on them and go my way with the system what you thought us.

Thanks to you, I managed to keep sanity and keep up with the main thought of the project, not to dig into details.

And in the end? I was awarded the best student project 3rd time in a row thanks to your classes and I've got also the highest achievement on school- the gold card!
I have never dreamed of such a thing!

–– Vaclav Simecek has been collaborating with Dalibor since 2014! Gold card for architecture holder, Sustainable Milano district 5th from 800 attendants.
We also didn't become experts trough the night!
10 000 +
...hours of research and application in architectural studios.

from 2012
... 7 years. We focus on progressive methods of education and exploring effective presentation processes for architects.
students od clients come back more than twice.
Presentation is neverending journey. We know it... that's why we must be in touch.
We love instagram the most! Our feed is a visual diary of our daily struggle and hustle for a presentation of architecture towards architects. Mixture of what has actually inspired us or led us to think about the presentation and also backstage moments of our visuin life.
Sbírka různých vizuálních forem obrazů architekta. Od trendy obrázků, po experimentálnější kousky. Slouží nám jako podklady k analýze, rozborům a dalším třídění do kategorií. Protože prezentace architektury není jen jedna správná.
From 2012 we have been fighting for better architectural presentation!
Our team is looking forward to you!