Don't be one of them.
80% of People overdo their visualizations.
Spend much more time on viz than its necessary.
Start with visualizations late!
Download Free PDF Guide How to Save Time in Visualization
Reasons for this Guide?
Aimed at architects who ever made the visualization overnight.
Imagine how you suddenly save half of the time on your visualizations or no night calls.
Focused on busy architects who know they need visual support for consultations with the client.
Applicable tips for a variety of visualizations: rendered or not rendered. Made with Photoshop or other postprocessing software such as Affinity Photo.
Guide organized into 3 categories many of them with extendable content from me!
Proven tips on where and how to save time. From 9 years of experience with architects.
Hi, I'm Dalibor.
"Architecture visualization?
That's not architect's primary job! Therefore should be quick and sustainable."

● Coordinator of Effective Representation in Architectural Companies.

● Co-Founder VISUIN institute - Effective presentation systems for architects.

● Lecturer in VISUIN institute and ARCHIP School of Architecture.
● PhD Candidate at FA CTU Prague.
● Winner of several architectural competitions.

I share my skills in visualization
with professionals.

From 2012.