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What Do I Need To Know Before The Course?

I reserved my spot in the course, what's next?
1. After registration
Well done!

2. Additional payment (Surcharge)
The payment needs to be paid at least 5 days before the course starts (read more down in the ‚ How do I pay the additional payment?')

3. Three days before
To make it easier for you, we will remind you the event 1-3 days in advance via email or sms, where we will summarize all the important info.

4. The day of the event.
On the day of the event we meet at Boženy Němcové 5, Prague 2. In case of any problems, please call +420 775 099 214.

5. Transportation
The closest metro stations and walking distance:
I.P. Pavlova (metro C line) – 8 min walk via Legerova street or Ljublanska and Wenzigova street.
Vyšehrad (metro C line) – 10 min walk across Nuselsky bridge.
Namesti Miru (metro A line) – 15 min walk.
Tram station Zvonarka or Pod Karlovem (23)

Parking is available in front of our building for 40 CZK/hour. You can use an online system at, weekends are free.

How do I pay the additional payment?
Additional payment (Surcharge)
The rest of the payment (the course price minus the deposit) should be paid within 7 days after your registration.

After this deadline, we will assume you are not interested in the course anymore and we will offer your spot to another participant. Please let us know if you are paying in the last minute. In case of any problems, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Payments within the Czech Republic
Bank account : 2200349062/2010 (Fio Bank)
State your full name in the note field.
International Payments
IBAN: CZ1620100000002200349062
State your full name in the note field.

Pay in cash? Need an invoice?
If you'd like to pay in cash, please let us know in advance at
If you need an invoice, please send us your invoice info at
How do I find out whether the money was received?

Please, send us a confirmation of the payment (or a screenshot) so we can consider it done. If you forget to do so, it's okay, we will kindly remind you.

What should I bring?
Most importantly, bring your enthusiasm to learn something new.

1. On a practical note, we recommend installing DROPBOX + 1GB from Visuin through this link. We will share with you the course materials.

2. Bring your favourite pencils or markers and sketchpads or sketchbooks. We will give you also our papers but in case you would like to sketch into yours.

3. You can bring also your computer or iPad as well in case you'd like to get specific tips on your workflow.
Quick Contact Info
The quickes way is to drop us an email at

or to give Dalibor a call at +420 775 099 214.
We are looking forward to you!
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