That's why we prepared the exclusive map of the most deadly sins you could have in your portfolio. How to strategically localize them. Analyze and eliminate them in the next 1 hour of your time. ☞
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Yes, I want to quickly find all the specific deadly sins and eliminate them to make my portfolio great

● For architects who already made at leas one portfolio and find out all the issues and struggles with it!
● Get the 12 specific tips in 4 categories. To get self-confident portfolio even if you send it to the office and you will not be present by yourself .
● Get the unique system of deadly mistakes with the consequences that nobody will show you - And after you destroy them you can make your portfolio outstanding in next hour.
● Get the 90% bigger chances in dream job-seeking because you will precisely remove what doesn't work and empower what is your greatness!
● Imagine how you are suddenly satisfied with your portfolio even if you think you have not very good projects.

Deadly Sins in Portfolio.
Have you spend an enormous amount of time on your portfolio but still not satisfied?
You sent it to several studios but no answer?
You don't know why your portfolio doesn't work?
"Your portfolio is your promise to deliver the best service what you can do."

– Ing. arch. Dalibor Dzurilla
● Coordinator of Effective Reresentation in Architectural Companies

● Co-Founder VISUIN isntitute. Project for effective presentation systems for architects.

● Lecturer in VISUIN institute and ARCHIP school of architecture
● PhD Candidate at FA CTU Prague
● Winner of several architectural competititons.

Our work helped in many places and organisations